Do you need a website, or do you need a solution?

Solutions, the buzz word that is used by just about any business that provides services to other businesses (B2B). The word itself assumes that there is a problem, the problem being that your business is not functioning properly. But what if your business is doing just fine thank you very much and you just want a website to give you a presence on the internet, as a service to your clients and additional point of contact?

A lot of website design studio’s will try to convince you that you have to change your ways, create an integrated solution (there it is again) to streamline your marketing. And in some situations this is not a bad idea and just what the doctor ordered. I have worked for design studio’s that are very good at this.
The problem is that too many small businesses get bamboozled by the opportunities that are projected, and the sometimes unrealistic promises. Paying through the nose in the meantime.

Then there is the other side, the cheap alternatives that create a website for you or even let you create one yourself but then leave you to your own devices. Not a problem if you have time on your hands and a bit of knowledge about the internet and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but most small business owners do not have that.

The real solution is to find someone who can make a website that is optimised for search engines, gives you support in managing your site, and is forthcoming with sensible advice about what you may or may not need. With realistic and transparent pricing.

No matter what, in order to get what you need for a decent price, you have to have a fair idea of what you want. This might involve doing some research before you contact a web designer, so you can be clear about your needs. It makes it easier for the developer too.
I have been involved in many conversations and planning sessions with clients where we ended up with quite a sophisticated website system, and where the client midway through the site’s develpment process realised that the site was actually way too complicated for his/her needs. No worries, things can be changed. BUT the client of course ends up paying for the extra work involved.

So like any other product you purchase: do some research and compare, be clear about what you need, and don’t dream that a website will magically change your world. If you are a tradie and need a new vehicle, would you buy a limousine or a ute?

In the end a website is just another useful business tool.


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