Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long will it take for my site to be up and running?
As a rule of thumb a basic package site can be live in one week (yep) after we have agreed on the look. After that it's up to you to put content in, unless you choose to have us doing that for you. If you want any extra's on your site, this time frame might change.

The time frame for tailor made sites will be decided upon in discussion with you the customer.
Q: I don't have a domain name. Can you set one up for me?
We can certainly do that, provided it has not already been taken. To register a domain name through us will cost $45 for 2 years (minimum registration period is 2 years) . A .com domain is $25 for 1 year.

Once we have set it up we will send you all the details that are needed to manage the domain. The domain will of course be registered in your name, so YOU are the owner.

PLease note that in order to qualify for a domain name you'll need an Australian company registration number or an ABN number.
Q: Do you have an example website to give me an idea of what I will get?
Please check out the all business websites portfolio page, where you can see a sample of our latest work.
Q: What is a CMS, and why should I care?
CMS stands for Content Management System and although it sounds like jargon, it's how most sites are built nowadays. It allows site owners to update site content themselves, or quickly by the website developer.
Q: I like your work. But I have very specific needs for my site that would have to be custom built. Can you do that?
Most certainly. If you can give us a clear idea of what you are after, we can do the job. Just call Andre on 0405 540 779 and tell him about your website requirements.
Q: I'm confused... What's the difference between hosting, and registering a domain name?
Registering a domain name is a bit like registering your car, the domain name is the unique number plate. Your site is the actual car, and hosting is like renting a garage to put your car in.

Registering a domain name costs $45 if you want us to do that for you.

If you have your site built by us the first year's hosting is free. After that you can choose to pay for another year at $250 p/y, or move your site to another host. Our hosting servers are based in Australia and have impeccable support. They also make your site load very fast.
If you choose to move your site you can still rely on our support for the site itself, but of course any hosting problems you will have to take care of yourself.

For more information, read Andre's blog
Q: What are your terms of payment?
Once we have agreed on the look of the site a deposit payment of one third of the final quoted price is required. Once we have received that we will build the site, give you a tempory web address to see it live, and iron out any adjustments. If it's a complex tailor made site we're building for you, we might require a progress payment during the process.
Once you are satisfied you pay the balance and we will make your site live on your say so. We can also leave the site dormant until you are ready, but the balance must be paid upon site completion at our end.
Q: Can you do shopping carts?
Sure we can. We have made many shopping cart websites in the past, and are always happy to accompany you on your journey. Please take a look at, a recent e-commerce site we are very proud of.