Additional options you can add to a standard website package.

Frequently Asked Questions section

A properly maintained FAQ section on your website can be a time saver for you and your customers. A lot of prospective clients ask similar questions. Rather than having to contact you, they can go to the FAQ section to look for answers.

Image Gallery

If you have a lot of products, or images of services you offer, an image gallery is a great tool to show visitors what you are capable of. The image gallery has unlimited albums, and you can upload as many images as you want. The system will automatically resize images.

The gallery will show your images as thumbnails, which when clicked on will expand into a "lightbox" that holds a larger version of the image, as well as a description if you entered one.

Email form tailor-made to your needs

Some business require more than just a simple contact email form. If you need to receive detailed enquiries from your site visitors, we can tailor email forms to your needs.

Unlimited sub pages

If you have too much content to realistically fit on 1 page, you could divide it over multiple pages under the same header, for example:

>> Widgets
>> Gadgets
>> Thingermejiggies
>> Whatsits

For this option you will get a dropdown list added to the main top navigation, like on this site for the Services section.


If you have a lot to say, and want to generate interest in your product or service, then a blog is a great tool to get the word out. It is also a useful marketing tool and could help search engine results for your site.
We use Wordpress for this, a freely available package that we then fit into your site so it becomes an integral part.

Paypal Buy Now buttons

If you have a few products to sell, Paypal buy now buttons are an easy and inexpensive way to go about it. We will set up your paypal account for you, configure it, and create the buttons for you so you can start selling.

Password protected area

You might need an area of the website with content that you only want to be visible to a few people, perhaps your staff or regular clients. We can set up a system with a login area where users that you have set up with user accounts can login with the login details you have created for them.

Domain name registration

To register a domain name through us costs $45  for 2 years (minimum registration period is 2 years) . A .com domain is $35 for 1 year.

Once we have set it up we will send you all the details that are needed to manage the domain. The domain will of course be registered in your name, so YOU are the owner.

PLease note that in order to qualify for a domain name you'll need an Australian company registration number or an ABN number.

Custom made sites

If you have specific needs for your website that are not covered by the options we offer, we can make a website to perfectly suit your business.
You would have to have a clear idea of what you are after and how you would like your site to function.

Contact us about our custom made website design services.